Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Diamond Drenched Nails & Stylish Straightened Hair

This morning, I decided to straighten my hair (I had slept on wet hair, & I didn't want to have bed-head). My four-year-old daughter woke up, caught me in action, and upon learning what I was doing, requested the same style for her own.  

Here is the result of our first hot iron experience together.

My last manicure* was such a hit in the various places I've been this weekend that I felt a temporary inspiration to try it again. 
* I'll try it again in the future and take photos to post if anyone is interested!

Tori wanted to share her BAB cat, Stripes, with my family. Thought I'd share her here. :o)

(Tori and her tap shoes. She dances to all her shows' intro songs.)
And there she is... STRIPES the dancing cat. In case you can't tell, the shirt is layered in sequins. She's a fancy tapping cat.


The recent layering in her hair added a sweeping effect around her face. I love that.

This manicure really is quite stunning, but my 5 year old 6.0 pixel camera lacks what it takes to capture close-ups in focus, amazing color, depth and shimmer.
NYC's "Broadway Burgundy Frost" is a deep red with a slight shimmer.

I had this vision of my tips dipped in diamonds, so I coated them in Essie's LuxEffects "Set In Stones" top coat. (http://www.essie.com/luxeffects/?cm_mmc=LabeliumSearch-_-Google-_-SiteLinks-_-essie%20set%20in%20stones&gclid=CJ7NzbHrjK4CFYmK4AodjRV6eQ)

I love this manicure and will likely use it year-round. My only regret is not being able to capture the luxury of it on camera. You'll have to just believe me or buy them and try it yourself!


  1. Love it Jenn! I can see why you love the Essie! I love V's hair too! So cool like that! :o)

  2. When it was straightened, she showed Papa and said, "I look like Mama." Then, when he got home from work, (she'd had a bath and the curls returned with a vengeance), she said, "I look like, YOU now, Papa!"

  3. I love the straight hair especially with the sweeping effect around her face..makes a soft look :) I also enjoy reading your posts about your nails ~ my favorite is of course the last picture.....red with glittery tips...looks like you and shelle and V will be doing ea others nails soon? :)
    I'm not jealous .I have neither nail painting skills nor nails to paint! lolol

  4. Very nice mani and what an adorable daughter!!!!