Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crafty Toy Hammocks, Purple Zoya (again), Fresh-Picked Berries, Dancing Diva!

Toy Hammocks
Last week, I couldn't find any mesh toy holders that hang on the wall. All of my local stores told me to buy them online or travel forty minutes to get one. So, I took matters into my own hands and tried my hand at creating my own. Here is the 2nd one I made. It turned out best, so I pictured it first. It was left folded in half, the way it comes off the bolt of fabric, so the nap of it was 'not stretchy',

whereas this first one I made is overly stretchy and doesn't hold as many stuffed animals before it sinks into the hanging rack below it. This one was unfolded and hung lengthwise, so the whole contraption stretches. :o(

Below are some photos of the only materials I used, aside from a few eye hooks.
These cords (left) were braided used to attach the mesh (below, right) to the eyehooks. Also encased the strips of material (below, left) and strung through the eyes of each button (above) for finishing touches.

The braiding cords were $1.99. Pack of six buttons $2.97. Remnant of fun fabric cut into strips $.50. Mesh fabric, 2 yards, $2.99 each yard.

Total cost of project about $12.00, less than the cost of one plain, white mesh hammock before shipping costs. And much more beautiful to look at.

 Really, not much to say here. :o)

As difficult as it was to reach my toes and stretch my legs to do my own toenails, I couldn't bear the thought of having a 2 month old pedicure when baby arrives. Though, it was a beautiful, plain orange pedicure.

I have a fettish, lately, for decals, so I added some yellow flowers and diamond gems to my toes for accents.
This pedicure utilizes ZOYA (my favorite) Jem.

My Little (humble) Diva
Had to share this photo for family who knows my daughter pretty well. She disappeared at the start of So You Think You Can Dance to dress like this and to...
..perform during each number. This shows her rendition of the broadway number choreographed by Tyce last week.
This photo finds her hip-hoppin' it up to Nappy Tab's number danced by Janaya and Brandon.
Shortly after the show, she turns around to show me THIS 'homemade costume'! No one showed her how to do it. She just did it. I watched her. LOL.

These are my AWESOME Vibram Five Finger shoes. I purchased them a couple weeks back with some cash given to me by various people for my FORTIETH birthday. And some muffin sales profits. I LOVE them. They're supposed to mimic barefoot walking, and in so doing, adjust your body to its natural alignment. I've worn them only thrice and have already noticed an adjustment in my feet and pelvis. Being that I'm near term in my pregnancy, I decided to put them away until after the big event. I don't need any unnecessary discomfort. lol.

Did I share these with you yet? I ordered all-in-one cloth diapers from a woman on Etsy. She began making them for her own children and now sells them at an extremely reasonable price so that other mother's can afford them also. Every order is custom. YOU get to choose the fabric/pattern/color. I chose these five to start. I plan to use them at home only, but if I change my mind and venture out of the house with cloth diapers on my son, I hope to order more from Nicole. Her handiwork is quality!


Tori and I went berry picking with friends recently, and this is our treasure of berries. We only picked for and hour or so, because it was hot out and it wore on me quickly. The plan was to freeze the raspberries for my muffins, but when we returned home, we quickly found other uses for them...

The following week, we returned to pick more berries. I bought some peaches from that farm also. And I found, again, a better use for the pickings than freezing them to sell...


All I have to offer on this manicure is a slightly out-of-focus shot of the finished product. I was having a 'low' day and not enough energy to go out in the heat to take a proper picture. This was Zoya Mira with yellow flowers and gem accents, just like on my toes. I felt like a million bucks when I was all painted up. Seemed like it was  the last important task to do before sitting on my duff, waiting for baby to arrive.