Sunday, February 12, 2012

Couple of Sassy Manis, Couple of Sassy Girl Photos

 Hiding in a photo folder somewhere in my laptop, I found the manicure from last week (& the photos aren't as blurry as I thought). I plan to recreate it sometime this month, because I received multitudes of compliments from people everywhere. Even my daughter asked me to repeat it when she saw the photos just now.
 On one slant, I used Sephora by OPI's "Shiny Dancer" and on the opposite slant is PURE ICE's "A List". As a top coat, Essie's luxeffects "Set In Stones" provided a glittery, glossy, glitzy, glamorous finish that really caught the eyes of all ages and lifestyles.
 One night, I was laying near a window, the moon was full enough to cast light into my room, and the reflection on my nails kept me up longer than I should have allowed. From the "Shiny Dancer" angle, I saw nothing but sparkles. From the "A List" angle, I saw flashes of light because he color is so bright and metallic in nature. I sat, turning my hands from one side to the other, admiring the shimmer and the 'glow-in-the-dark' effect.
My only complaint (& the reason I didn't use Set In Stones for today's manicure) is how long it takes to remove the glitter polish, but it was worth the effort!
 My post wouldn't be complete without a current photo of my firstborn to share with relatives abroad (what am I talking about? All of our relatives are abroad...across the continent anyway). Victoria picked this fidora a few months ago, and she has a knack for wearing it. When we go out in public with that hat, I prepare for compliments, comments, stares, giggles, and exclamations. She is JUST too cute in it. (She actually posed this face on purpose.)
 When she sees me paint my nails, the reaction is the same: "Paint mine, too. Paint them rainbow." Each time, I attempt to mix it up a bit, because I'm bored with rainbow. Today, I successfully recruited purple, red, and pink, in time for her "Heart Parties" on Monday and Tuesday.
 I grew tired of my red manicure dipped in diamonds from last Thursday, because, well, I felt like blogging and didn't have enough material to write. I chose re-painting nails over baking new muffins. LOL.
 I'm really not a fan of reversed french tip manicures, but I wanted red for this week. Sorry to admit that I also didn't spend much time on making it look good, because I plan to remove it by Thursday. :o) I have some ZOYA plans for the weekend.
 One day, my mother and daughter talked on the phone. "Mema" asked her a series of questions, and I took photos of the 'answers'.
 Can you kiss your elbow?
 Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
Can you bite your heel?
Ha ha ha. Hope you had a good laugh, if nothing else this time.

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  1. I love this post! And when I click on the pictures it makes them bigger and I can see your manicure! Looks great! And I can't air to see what you do with Zoya. :o) Oh Jenn, Tomorrow, check my post. It is that one I told you about: I Wear My Jewelry On My Nails.