Monday, January 14, 2013

Electric Purple Gradient Mani Experiment

What is it about a purple polish that cameras indignantly refuse to capture?  
This manicure looks just like my previous blue post in photos, but in reverse. Fact is, it is very deep, very royal, and electric purple. Since the blue gradient mani lasted only one day before it cracked and fell off in large pieces, I decided to apply a color that's more my style. PURPLE, using a higher grade polish.

Base Coat-I am sold on this brand for a base coat. It creates such a smooth surface for color coats.
My soldiers for this war lol

Both hands: One coat Priti Polish's Etoile Violet

Both hands: two coats

Just experimenting with my camera features, trying to capture the true color, but failing

Left hand: Pure Ice's Cheatin. This photo is the truest capture of the shade of purple!

Left hand: two fingers boast Essie's Set In Stones Glitter top coat
My weaponry for the right hand (& I found an eye makeup applicator)

Right ring finger: Nails inc London's Chelsea Square (dusty glitter) alone

Right ring & middle finger: Nails inc London AND Sephora by OPI's Traffic Stopper Copper

Right index finger: Pure Ice's Cheatin' over Essie Set In Stones

Both hands together for comparison
I didn't include a photo of my right pinky or my left pinky and ring finger. The right pinky is covered in Priti polish with a coat of Sephora OPI's Traffic Stopper Copper, but that brand seems heavy on the polish and light on the glitters, so the effect is low impact. Same on the left hand: Priti Polish with a bit of Pure Ice's Cheatin' & Sephora OPI's Flurry Up. Low impact. Not impressive at all.

But, overall, I am pretty happy with the outcome. *wink*


  1. I love it Jenn! My very favorite is your ring finger with Traffic Stopper Copper on it! Perfect gradient right there!

    1. Ha! That's my favorite...and the only one I thought worked out.

  2. Oh, you posted my favorite color combo/s! Purple & copper glitter! You did a fantastic job....nice work chicky!

    1. Thanks! I typically like silver with everything, but I preferred the copper this time!

  3. I have to say Traffic Stopper Copper on yr ring finger takes the cake! This is great! Now I have TWO nail people to keep up with!!!

    1. O sheesh, I hope not. I can't do this regularly. When this mani chips off (o gee, that's today), I'm back to the simple stuff for awhile.