Friday, January 11, 2013

A Knock-Off of My Sister's Dior Gradient Manicure

Bon Bons (no shade name), Wet n Wild's Blue Wants To Be a Millionaire, Essie's Set In Stones
My sister posted her new Dior polish on her blog, and I loved the colors in the gradient look she used. The application process seemed simple enough to try, given that the tools mentioned in her post were regular household items that most females have in their homes.
So, I raided my five-year-old  daughter's nail polish Caboodle for some colors that would be similar to the blue and glitters that Michelle used. After all, I typically lean toward more "serious" colors, lol, and would have nothing that shade of blue in my own Caboodle. The knock-off look turned out to be unexpectedly similar, though I didn't use the same 'tools' as she used.
Left Hand: Bon Bons, Wet N Wild, & Essie
 Michelle suggests using eye makeup applicators, which (in retrospect) I know would work better than what I used. Foam ear plugs did the trick for my knock-off version, though. :o)
Right Hand: Bon Bons & Revlon's Stunning...

 On my right hand, I used the same blue color from Bon Bons, but instead of using the Wet N Wild glitter, I tried Revlon's Stunning, hoping that it would eliminate the need to also apply Essie's Set In Stones, since Revlon's has both dusty and large-sized glitters. I was wrong. In the end, I used Essie on my right hand also. :o(
And as you can see, both hands turned out to look almost identical, despite the different polishes used. (You can also see what ONE small load of dishwashing does to my left hand. Two fingers didn't make it through that load).

It didn't take much longer to accomplish this look than it does for me to paint on a regular color, and I think I'll be trying it with other creams, even though it DOES involve GLITTERS. Bleh! (I really don't like the removal process lol).


  1. Looks fantastic! And I adore Michelle!

  2. Love it Jayball! Looks every bit as good!

    1. Thanks! :) I adoooore that Dior polish BTW! Smooth like molasses, it seems!

    2. YOu are very right! It is the best application ever!

  3. Awesome mani Michelle! I just love your nails and I adore glitter gradients..yours are so much better than mine!! Yay <3