Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Homemade 'Hat', Carrot Soup, Jumping in the Leaves, Planting Spring Flower Seeds

Tori put my pashmina around her neck and then pulled it up on top of her head. It was soooooo endearing, I had to take a shot! I just noticed her hands are in the shape of a heart...

26.5 WEEKS


This is my favorite soup recipe. It's from my 2005 Sunset magazine. I won't say it's quick or simple, because it is very involved and has many steps, but it IS easy to follow. And worthy and tasty in the end!
Carrot Soup with Tomatillo Relish

JUMPING IN THE LEAVESWhen Tori and I prepared the soil for Papa to help her plant her flower seeds, we discovered there was a whole bed of dried leaves that we never raked last fall. So, we raked them into piles. My little silly Sue can't resist a good crunchy pile of leaves and begged me to let her jump in them. I relented.

The jumping morphed into throwing. The throwing got pretty messy....And I had to rake em again!


Look at how meticulously she places the seeds on the soil...
They planted Bachelor Buttons, a variety of Cosmos, some wildflowers...

Our back forty isn't conducive to learning to ride a tricycle, so we brought it indoors, and she rides in circles in our tiny living room all throughout the day.

Tori and I are going to be in California for a bit, so my next blogs will either be posted from there (using vacation pics) or will wait until end of May! CAIO!

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