Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Salad Favorites, since spring is near! And a bit of gymnastics

This is my tribute to salads, since I'm eating a lot of them and thus, trying new salad recipes.

This link didn't provide a photo, much to my chagrin, because it is the most beautiful salad. And I don't have a photo of when I made it either. So, I shot one (sideways) of the magazine I took it from (which is bhg, the link provided above). It makes the perfect salad for spring or summer- crisp, bright, refreshing! The grapefruits and clementines I use in it add the tart, juicy side of springtime! I'm so curious to hear if any of you try it! Again, the people I made it for rave about it!

I couldn't resist sharing this photo. Our daughter used the water hose to "fill the tank" of her Jeep with gas. So cute and so creative. Perhaps she thought that filling it with "gas" would replace the need for a battery. (We need a battery for this Jeep I found for free, but I discovered the battery is $75, so there it sits for weeks on end)
Does anyone recall that our 4 year old took a soccer class?  She showed much improvement over the 5 week class. Over time, she learned gentle control of the ball with the insides of her feet. And she finally learned to quit relying on her hands to stop the ball.
However, at the end of the 5 weeks, we were adamantly informed that it was "a whole lot of hard work and I'm tired from it!" I recall she even told me that it would take a reaaalllly long nap to help her recover from all that hard work. LOL!

Another salad recipe I enjoy making is also from Better Homes and Gardens. Again, I never took photos of it, but here is the BHG shot of it. It's a taste-bud pleaser for sure and another spring or summer salad!
Indispensable Green Bean Salad

My husband and daughter have created this nightly ritual- a special bonding of sorts. It started back in New Jersey after dinner every night and involved only a stuffed Ty squirrel (who was aptly named Squirr-EL). Rick would make the stuffed animal talk to her, much to her 3 year old delight, because she was just beginning to have imaginary friends.
Our daughter quickly coined the phrase, "Talk to SquirrEL" and every night, she requested this game with my husband. Over time, Squirrel has taken a backseat to each new critter that becomes part of our family. On this particular night, Slimy (snake) and Pascal (chameleon) were privileged to host the game.

To this day, she rarely goes to bed without asking Rick to "make animals talk".

Cranberry Spinach with Gorgonzola
I'm certain I've mentioned this salad recipe, at least on my FB page! It is my absolute favorite, because it's easy, tasty, diverse, and I usually have these ingredients on hand! I love how this recipe affords me the opportunity to throw in whatever is in the cupboard- pecans or walnuts, cranberries or raisins, spinach or mixed greens, gorgonzola or bleu cheese or feta. But my favorite element in the salad is their deliciously EASY, tangy dressing! Of course, I love all things lemon... I keep a tupperware of the dressing in my refrigerator, and when I'm in the salad mood, I throw a bit of each ingredient in a bowl. Voila! A salad!
Cranberry Spinach Salad with Gorgonzola Recipe

I LOVE THIS GIRL! She's ecstatic here because she's wearing the Ariel pajamas we bought at the Disney store for $7. Her emphasis on the Ariel PJs, mine on the $7. :o)

Look! Look! She's tumbling off the couch again! I'm almost certain that gymnastics is in her near Autumn future!

I am one proud homeschooling mama! (In March) She learned to write her nickname, and a day later, she did it by herself when I wasn't looking!

"It is my belief that diet soda has contributed to the rise of breast cancer and multiple sclerosis that has been preceded by the use of Aspartame as a food ingredient in every country that has allowed its use."    ~Dr Monte
Visit this link to read the whole article regarding aspartame and other such harmful chemicals.

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